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Artists, therapists, and cultural activists are strengthening lives in the Home Front and Front line of Israel

“Culture ('Tarbut' in Hebrew) is the creative workshop with which citizens can imagine responses to our common challenges. Sometimes it is a solution, sometimes it is how we discover other solutions."

Rome Charter 2020


The Tarbut Movement (an Israeli registered NGO) was founded over 20 years ago as an organization of social artists, performers, educators, therapists, and cultural advocates living and working in disadvantaged communities throughout Israel.


"Tarbut in Crisis" is our emergency response to the aftermath of the deadly October 7th attack by Hamas. In order to strengthen the home and front lines of Israel, Tarbut provides creative emotional support programs to aid survivors and others affected by the attack and current crisis. Tarbut collects and evaluates inbound requests for assistance and matches those in need with hundreds of artists, therapists, educators, instructors and mental health providers who register on the Tarbut in Crisis platform.


Register with us if you are an artist, therapist, educator, instructor or mental health provider.


Contact us if you are a civilian or soldier in need and we will immediately respond to provide appropriate support free of charge.


Cultural events across the south and conflict areas


Tarbut engaged Cultural Institutions and artists from the south and conflict areas


Participants in 42


Tarbut supported Senior citizens with group workshops and one-on-one sessions


Network of artists and art therapists


160 art workshops held by 60 artists benefited youth in 20 institutions

  הפוגה של תרבות ואמנות לעורף  

   Examples of our Programs    


Sending artists and mental health providers to work with survivors and evacuees at their homes and in evacuation centers throughout the country.


Organizing musical performances and art sessions for medical and rescue teams, soldiers, children, parents and seniors.


Supporting cultural institutions to reorganize and regain stability.


Recruiting volunteers to help clean and organize emergency shelters in conflict zones.

   תנועת תרבות, קואליציית מוסדות התרבות בנגב ובגליל ורשת האומנים   
העמידו עם פרוץ המלחמה:

   כולנו רתומים ופועלים בתחומים הבאים   

   צפו בפעילות   

So far more than 4,000 artists from across the country

have volunteered on the Tarbut platform

including well known artists like:

Maor Cohen | Aya Korem | Peter Rot | Echo | Si Heiman | Shay Hamber |

Yasmin Mualem | Shotei Ha'Nevua | Avi Grienick | Dan Toren | Maya Belzitsman 

Evacuation centers, communities, local authorities and people of all ages have essential needs -

Apply here and we will support you!


If you want to volunteer and assist - Apply here and we will contact you!

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